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So What's It All About?

AlaHosts exists to compliment Alabanza's services. Our goal "with your help" is to supplement them in areas where we can to enhance and extend their services and continue to make your hosting business better than the competition. AlaHosts is independently owned and operated. It is not affiliated with, managed by, owned by, used by, representative of or influenced by Alabanza in any way. The editorials are strictly the opinions of the individual who wrote them and do not represent Alabanza Inc., or the AlaHosts community in any way. We wanted to state this information up front because you just know Alabanza will be reading it with great concern. Hopefully they can relax now.

If you've read in our History page, Alahosts began as a small community of hosts who set out to support each other and help each other grow their businesses. We each felt like little islands and we knew that there were others out there just like us. Nice people who needed a helping hand once in a while.

Alabanza has a great product, but let's admit (as they have), their support sometimes leaves something to be desired and although they try, they really don't make it their mission to help grow our businesses.

Where is this thing being hosted?

You're going to realize it anyway, so we might as well tell you, this site is not being hosted at the Alabanza NOC. We felt it best to keep this site off of the Alabanza network as part of making a clear separation between the two organizations.

Who are we?

We were hoping you wouldn't ask. We're hosts, just like you. We're not the largest hosting companies but we're working on it. More important to this whole project is our participation in this community in order to help better each of our businesses. I know it's hard to believe, but I feel that telling you what we know will encourage you to do the same. The result will be that we all become better hosts.

Members will be given the names of the other members. If the other members want to share the name of their service that's fine as well.

How did we find you?

If you got our mailing, we found you through records available to the public. You can take that for what it's worth. We will say that we did not get any information from Alabanza. Respectfully, we think they would rather keep their client information private and we agree.

Need more answers? write to Alan