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A Little History

AlaHosts was started by three little hosts on January 8th, 2001 as a private, invitation only mailing list. We agreed to break the rules and openly communicate everything about our businesses to each other. There were no limits to what we shared. This is not a group of "takers," it's a group of "givers." Philosophically this goes against the grain of competition. We're helping each other succeed. And that results in our own success. We ask each other some "no-no" questions like, "how many clients do you have? How do you market your business? Can you help me with this so that I can get additional sign ups?" We've openly shared our marketing tricks, marketing budgets, our stats, client sign ups, how we've worked around some of the constraints of the DSM, some interesting hacks, our personal life circumstances, Unix tips, and what type of things we've heard from Alabanza. None of us have an inside scoop or are the most successful hosts. But we've agreed that our mailing list has been invaluable and we've even become friends.

The list slowly grew. It's only up to about 10 hosts as I write this, which is why we decided to take our little group and expand it to the whole community of Alabanza hosts.

First, we set out to find you and all the rest of the Alabanza hosts out there in the world. At one time we could have scoured the ARPA files on our server but they're no longer maintained by Alabanza. Besides, we agreed that this would be like stealing trade secrets (and the last thing we want to do is make Alabanza angry). So we opted to take the whole operation off the Alabanza network, write some programs that would give us the info we were looking for and begin writing letters to every DSM owner we could find. The initial mailing was to over 400 DSM owners.

So, that's how we got our start. Where we go from here is anybodies guess. We do have some goals though and we're looking for some people who want to help. If you're interested or have quesitons write to me, the mascot of this organization, Alan Banza.

Alan Banza will be the sudonym of anyone who contributes to the community in the public area. During the first several months of the launch of this community, we have chosen privacy in all the public areas.